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Maggie is a strong advocate and a very valuable resource for individuals with intellectual impairment and their families. During 2015, our adult child was one of the casualties of the local CMH's decision to implement cuts in services across the board to individuals with developmental disabilities. The CLS cuts imposed on our child resulted in devastating reductions in the level of support staff and activities, which had proven to be instrumental in maintaining both mental and physical health for our adult child. Maggie helped us identify the CMH's flawed justification for making such deep cuts. She knows where to look in the Medicaid rules and how to prepare for a Medicaid Fair hearing. She helped us identify important information from our child's historical documentation (letters from the physician, social work assessments, prior year individualized plans of service, individual service budgets, etc.). With Maggie's support, we were prepared to go to a Medicaid Fair hearing with the hope that services would be restored. With a strong statewide advocacy effort by the Arc and other advocacy organizations, many of the cuts initiated by the CMH were disallowed. SWS, Parent Advocate

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